Edited by John Maslin, former editor of the Wanganui Chronicle, From the Sea to the Mountain contains numerous stories about Whanganui and the surrounding regions.

The book shows what this city has to offer both visitors and residents alike.

Contributors include John Maslin, Diana Beaglehole, Tony Cato, Iain Hyndman, David Ogilvie, Doug Davidson and others.

The book contains around 30 stories on Whanganui and is brilliantly illustrated with photos by some of the region’s best photographers. Virtually all aspects of visiting, residing, studying, investing or doing business in Whanganui are covered. Here is a taste of some of the engaging stories that go to make up this superb publication.

Images of Whanganui

From the Sea to the Mountain has now been printed. Delivery is expected back in Whanganui Mid-November.

Numerous organisations (public & private) as well as hundreds of individuals have already pre-ordered. Over 2,000 copies have been sold.

Now is your chance to order in time for Christmas - before we are sold out.

At the same time by ordering before December 15 you will be entered into our draw for the Christmas Hamper below. (To receive the wine you must be over 18 and if not, a suitable substitute will be made).

You will receive 1 free entry for each book ordered. If you order 4 books you will receive 4 entries PLUS we’ll give you a 5th book completely free of charge.

Christmas Hamper

All aspects of production have been given to local people. The only exception is the actual printing. A book of this size (224 pages hard cover, full colour) cannot be printed in New Zealand and sold at such a low cost.

Even books of this size that are printed overseas normally sell for $45-$60+. It is only through the assistance of sponsors with an interesting story to tell that we are able to offer at the affordable price of $24.95.

A number of people have purchased multiple copies as gifts for friends and relatives both in New Zealand and overseas. With Christmas and the holiday season following so soon after publication what better present to give than a book about this great little town?

But the pricing gets even better!

Not only do you go into the hamper draw receiving 1 free entry for each book ordered but for every FOUR (4) copies you order we also give you a 5th copy complete free of charge. You only pay the postage. This effectively gives you a 20% discount in that by paying for 4 copies ($99.80) you receive 5 copies which reduces your real price to just $19.96 per copy.

Images of Whanganui Images of Whanganui

What a great present for various family members who may be living in other parts of New Zealand or overseas. Let them see what they are missing!

Save on Postage / Freight


Books are heavy and can therefore be costly to post. From the Sea to the Mountain weighs approximately 1.2 kg. If sending overseas the low cost of the book will soften any postage costs. Better still take copies with you when you travel. After all, you won’t be bringing them back so you’ll still have plenty of space for shopping.

But if you live around the Whanganui region we’ll provide you, on publication, with local addresses where you can simply stop by and pick up your copy(ies) without incurring any postal costs at all.

We can of course still post to you but there would be a postage charge. This will be $8.50 (for one or two copies) securely wrapped in a waterproof courier bag sent anywhere in New Zealand. For more than two copies sent to the South Island postal rates start to rise quite significantly if sent in a single package. It is therefore cheaper to send in packs of two books to the South Island. An order for 6 books would therefore be sent in 3 packs.

Below are indicative postal charges for different destinations. When ordering please select the number of books you are receiving (including any free entitlement under our ‘Buy 4, get 1 free’ offer) and add the postal charge, if not collecting from our office.

Post charges
Images of Whanganui Images of Whanganui


Please complete the Order Form below. To ensure your entry into the hamper draw you should enter the Promo Code that brought you to this site (if you have one). If your order is for 4 or more copies you will automatically receive an extra FREE copy for every 4 purchased. If you are ordering more than 12 copies please phone (027 471 2242) or email (sales@TeamGroupUK.com) and we will invoice you.


I/We wish to order From the Sea to the Mountain.

I understand that I will be entered into the draw for the Christmas Hamper worth $150 and that I will receive one free entry for each book ordered (If I am under 18, the wine in the Hamper will be replaced with other products). The winner’s name will be posted on www.SmallCityBooks.com/winners around December 20.

Postage See postal rates above. Leave as 0 if you are collecting.

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